AxiA.RE. You're in good hands.

AxiA.RE is one of the top Italian independent operators in the real estate valuation sector.
A comprehensive service portfolio, including Due Diligence, Project Management, Loan Services and an array of specialised technical services.

It is also thanks to the support of our subsidiaries, RINA Prime Value Services and AstaSy, that we are able to provide a top-tier service, professionalism, and consolidated expertise in the real estate and banking sectors.
The know-how embedded in our services is strengthened by the largest structured data & business intelligence system focused on real estate available on the Italian market.

AxiA.RE operates in compliance with Ministerial Decree n. 30 dated 05/03/2015 (regulation implementing art. 39 of the Italian Consolidated Law on Financial Services) and possesses all the necessary professional qualifications, thus confirming our commitment to ensuring compliance with international valuation standards, alongside a rigorous, high-level code of private and professional ethics.

AxiA.RE is a RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors regulated Company and has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality System certifications.


AxiA.RE implements an integrated skillset to ensure a top-tier service that provides the Client with deep market knowledge combined with a thorough expertise in the most sophisticated valuation models.



AxiA.RE Innovative tools, dependable knowledge, and best market practice.

At AxiA.RE, know-how, innovative technologies and ongoing research and development, as well as a full Independence from the investment and property management processes all combine into a comprehensive range of services that can meet all our Clients’ needs.

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“Reliability and competence, with a strong attitude towards innovating our product and working process, alongside a problem-solving approach capable of taking into account the most varied market signals. A top-level consultancy always serving the Client.”

Ugo Giordano



AxiA.RE was founded in 2016, and is born from the passion and professionalism of some of the most prominent figures on the Italian Real Estate market, who combined their expertise, cultivated over years of dedication at the top levels of leading Advisory, Valuation and RE Service enterprises to create the sole structured company whose Core Business is Valuation and in particular the Independent Expert activity.

The firm became operational immediately, thanks to the acquisition of the Independent Expert business branch from Patrigest Spa (Gabetti Group),

AxiA.RE went on to successfully become one of the leading national operators on its market of reference. Today, the technical structure set up and operated by AxiA.RE is at the cutting edge in its field, in terms of both experience and competencies.

In order to further consolidate its skillset and range of services, at the end of 2018, in partnership with RINA Multinational Group, AxiA.RE founded RINA Prime Value Services, a company specialising in asset management support services geared toward banking institutions. During the same year, AxiA.RE also incorporated AstaSy, which owns and runs AuctionSY, the only Auction Big Data on the Italian market. AxiA.RE works with guaranteed success alongside institutional investors, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions who invest and/or finance single assets, portfolios and development projects.